Your Journey Ahead with this Course

I will look forward to supporting your experience.

  • 1

    Introduction To Shamanic Preparation for Pregnancy and Birth

    • Introduction to Shamanic Preparation for Pregnancy and Birth

  • 2

    Rooting Yourself

    • Setting Your Roots and Finding Yourself.

    • Sound Medicine Tools

    • Make Friends with Plants

    • Chloe's Freebirth and Drum Journey for Birth Story

  • 3

    Honouring our Ancestor's, Deities and Protectors of Birth.

    • Wisdom from your Ancestors

    • The Power of Prayer

    • Prayer and Invoking for Birth by Aimee Ari Laxmi Hamblyn

    • The Sacred Directions and The Elements for Birth

    • Deity and Animal Energy Allies for Birth

    • The Holistic Stages of Birth by Whapio Diane Bartlett - Independent Midwife

    • Katie's Experience with her daughter Wynter

    • Camille's Story. The Power of Song, of voice and of Prayer to God and Mary during Birth!

    • Jo's Birth with Ozzy her youngest son, following the death of her eldest son, Anthony.

  • 4

    Meditation and Journey Work

    • Meditation and Journeying / Pathwork for Pregnancy and Birth.

    • Your Baby's Spirit

    • Dream Time

    • Sarah's Connected Experience - Unassisted birth and Placenta Burial

    • The Power of Intuition and Mantra in Una's birth! (Her Moon Phase was her birth date too!)

  • 5

    Working with the Moon

    • Working with the Moon

    • Words from women who worked with the moon and birthed on their moon dates

  • 6

    Ceremonies and Rituals: Mothers Blessing Ideas, Water Blessing, Sigil's for Birth

    • Ceremonies and Ritual Ideas.

    • Mothers Blessing Menu by Lucy Baena

    • Heather's Mothers Blessing Story

    • Lucy's Mother Blessing - in Photo's

    • Shirley's Mother Blessing

    • Emma's Mother Blessing

  • 7

    Your Birth in Ceremony

    • Your Birth in Ceremony

    • Your Birth in Liminal Cyclical Time

    • The Power of Drum

    • Sacred Drumming During Pregnancy and Birth Stories and Experiences

    • Debbie's beautiful birth of pure trust and connection with Raya

    • Virginias Birth of Baby Isaac Wolf

    • Aoife's Birth with the power of Sound !

  • 8

    Honouring Your Forty Days Postpartum

    • Honouring Your Postnatal Moon for Healing

    • Postnatal Warming

    • Parents Reflections on Closing Postpartum Healing Sessions

    • The Importance of Protecting your Space Postnatally too! You are still in your birth ceremony, in liminal space.

    • Nurturing the Mother - By Bera Benitez

    • Some Recipe Ideas for Healing Postnatally

    • Placenta Honouring and Baby Earthing Ceremonies

    • Wynter's Placenta Burial

    • Jo's Beautiful Placenta Experiences

  • 9

    Gratitude! Monthly circle link! Plus other links, refs and downloads.

    • Monthly Zoom Pregnancy Circle Link and one to one sessions.

    • Gratitude to You! Many Blessings on your Journey.

    • Links, Books, Recourses.

    • Course Downloads

    • References

What Else Comes with this Course?

You will also receive two one to one sessions with Eva to aid your experience. You will gain access to an online shamanic pregnancy circle each month ( evening GMT/ UK time). Any questions? Contact Eva: I will look forward to supporting your pregnancy experience. Love Eva x